Closing the gap between idea and realization in the appointed time, with quality that exceeds expectations sums up the mission of PMM, the monofilament provider that you can count on.

We offer the solutions needed for the innovation of monofilaments to take place. We bring together people who apply with wit and insights over 40 years of experience in the trade. This combination of expertise and creativity applied to challenging projects has made us unique in the monofilament industry. Our excellent service experiences are remarkable.

When it comes to monofilament innovation, the right ally is PMM. Not only is PMM up to the task, but we guarantee an excellent customer experience from the initial idea to the finished product.

    Specifications, colors, processes… In all the areas of innovation in the monofilament industry, we are solution providers.

    We measure our experience in terms of the successful record of solutions we’ve developed with our clients. 40 years in the market speak about strength and continuity, yet our prevalence lies in constant updating and applied engineering to find solutions. The knowledge we acquire in each project is systematized for the benefit of our customers. Whether starting an innovative project or in the middle of one, at PMM you’ll get solutions.

    How do you know you’re doing it right when it’s the first time?

    At PMM we foster quality that goes beyond the norm, since we understand it starts in our people.

    The commitment to high quality each collaborator at PMM has shapes our projects. We strive for constant embodiment of quality all along the projects. Of course, attention to service, engineering, processes, and specifications contribute, but they cannot be guaranteed unless collaborators experience quality as an attitude that binds everything they do.

    In the backstage of each certification and great customer satisfaction, there are people that live by the principle that quality is the only way to do things.

    Get to know PMM’s philosophy of quality in monofilament manufacture by reaching out to the best example—PMM’s team.

    Our main commitment is the success of your project. To achieve this, we believe that co-creation is the course to follow.

    We strive to offer a service experience that surpasses expectations at every customer touchpoint. This is accomplished with proactive and result-oriented communication.

    We believe that quality is the result of keeping a high standard of attention along every stage of the process. From ideation to delivery, the principles of agile communication, detailed follow-up, and strict attachment to objectives guide the interaction with our clients.

    With PMM, you get a model of customer service based on anticipation. We’ll aim to be one step ahead, taking care to foresee deviations thus ensuring a great service experience. Achieving your complete satisfaction every step of the way distinguishes our monofilament manufacture.

    No matter the stage of your monofilament project, contact PMM today. Together we can make the level of service you deserve, real.